Author: Jahanzeb

Jahanzeb Khan, is currently Design Director of WGSN and presently studying Design Management at Pratt in New York City. Previously, he has been under the employ of design firms such as McRoberts Mitchell and FHM, where he provided art direction and brand management. Driven by his passion to enhance the value of his clients and turn their visions into reality, he is able to pursue his primary goal as a designer— to find the balance between beauty and function. Latest work:

Jack of all trades, master of one

Design is a field with many subdivisions—from print to web and everything in-between. When I’m asked, “So what do you do for a living?” and respond “Graphic Design”, people normally follow up with, “So can you help me design my website, some brochures and a logo?” As if anyone in the business of Graphic Design is automatically proficient in these sub-fields. But are designers really expected to be a master of every aspect of design?

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